Best Camping Mattress

I’m not sure how outdoorsy of a person you may be.  But me personally I have spend hundreds of hours a month outside mountain biking and camping and doing pretty much anything to get a little bit of a thrill when outside.  Generally when I go camping I normally do the old fashion way and bring myself a camp.  Now this is great don’t get me wrong, but recently I have found the way of the future!

A few weeks ago I went with my friends to go camping up in the Appalachian Mountains.   My three friends brought their own single tents but I brought my tent and something better.  I brought the best air mattress for camping!  To those that don’t know, this is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a duracamping air mattressble air mattress that you can stick in your tent or just put it directly on the ground.  This mattress is thick and strong enough to stay filled without being damaged by the ground it is laid on.

Now you may be thinking that I brought one of those mattresses that are just thick padding with pretty much cardboard exterior.  It’s not like that!  This mattress is actually comfortable.  This is just like an air mattress that you fill up in your house, it’s that good!


My Tactical Knife!

Have you ever spent time in the “wilderness”? I mean when your camping or hiking, and I don’t mean camping as in sitting in your RV.  I don’t exactly consider that camping because you are not roughing it.  You need to be out and about to be camping not sitting on your couch watching tv in your house car.  But sorry if you feel differently than me on my outdoors experience opinion but to each their own.

Now, back to my original subject, my brand new tactical knife.  I generally am a knife aficionado, I have quite a few because of my long time love for the outdoors.  I seem to buy a few new knives each year to get ready for a year full of adventures.  I don’t just buy the knives because I think they are cool, I buy them because they can save my life!  In the end that is all that matters.  The best tactical knife store provides the knife that will save your skin!

So how did I pick out my new outdoors knife?  I went to my local Dickssportinggoods, and start asking around.  I heard some excellent tactical knifeopinions from the employees, and I ended up picking one that was suggested to me by one of the workers there.  I ended up picking the knife in the picture shown here.  It’s  beauty!  This is a knife that I’d be glad to bring with me to one of my outdoor adventures.  This is a crocodile bundy “This is a knife” knife.

Thanks for reading my post on outdoors adventures and my new tactical knife.

Osha Outdoors Survival